ON-LINE Camp-site Bookings

2022 / 2023 summer cancellations now open to be booked.

Cancellations are now open to be booked using the online booking tool below.

Sites can only be booked for 1 week

Sites must be booked from a Saturday to Saturday

Sites booked online for the 2022 / 2023 summer period will not be eligible to be rebooked for the 2023 / 2024 summer period.

Bookings will not be taken via email or phone

Sites are restricted to one family unit, with of six people of which there may be a maximum of  4 adults .

Current availability.

Due to issues with the map when booking we have changed the ways that you can book a site.

After entering your dates into the online booking tool, you will be given a choice to book either by the map (see map issues below) or by the rate

Please note, we are redesigning the online booking map (as if it’s not hard enough…just to make it challenging!), the following sites appear to be available but are not 224, 225, 230, 327, 212, 213, 227, 119, 126, 109. 
Additionally, the entire map of the 300s is out of date, if you book a site in the 300s, and after you receive the confirmation email please email us, and we will provide a map showing which site has been allocated and the dimensions on the site. If you have a large caravan, its best if you do not book a site in the 300s.


Bookings for the peak periods of the Summer School Holidays (including the Australia Day long weekend), Easter 4 day period (Good Friday to Easter Monday) and the Melbourne Cup and March Long Weekend holiday periods are allocated by ballot. For more information and to enter the ballot for any of these periods please select the desired period from the dropdown menu under the “camping information” drop down page at the top of this screen.
For bookings outside of these ballot periods please read on
In order to protect the health and well-being of our guests and staff, prior to Point Leo Foreshore confirming your booking, we are required to ask you questions related to your principal place of residence and health

We ask that you are honest and take your share of responsibility when responding to the following questions, so that we can all do our best to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the park and our community.

The safety of our staff and customers is our highest priority.

Please follow restrictions on the number of people allowed to use a facility at any given time.
We look forward to seeing everyone then.
Please note. The map on the online booking page  for sites 310 to 348 sites is incorrect, Please refer to the map here for an accurate site layout of the sites in the 300s. Additionally, sites 109, 119, 207 and 227 have been retired from use and are unable to be booked

To make a booking on-line please CLICK HERE


Please note

Due to COVID restrictions, the ability to book multiple sites at once is currently  unavailable, sites must be booked individually, one at a time, and in the name of the persons who will be staying on the site


Whilst we endeavour to keep everyone on the site that they choose when booking, we reserve the right to move bookings to alternate sites if required. Campers that camp with us over any given period have 48 hours from the time of departure to rebook the same site for the same period. If you book a site that  has where an existing camper has priority we will call you to discuss which site we will move you to.

Before  Arrival

To save time at check in campers can download the Download the Service Victoria app or visit: go.vic.gov.au/check-in

Open the app and enter the Location code RF6 8F9

This will serve a precheck in for COVID record keeping compliance

We also  are encouraging visitors to bring their own 60 per cent alcohol-based hand sanitiser. We provide soap at all hand basins, and we have sanitising stations outside all the campers toilets, but also highly recommend everyone also bring some to keep on their campsite.

Additionally, we ask campers to bring their own hand towel for when they wash their hands. We do not have hand dryers or paper towel so your own small personal small hand towel is required.

Upon arrival

Please call into the office before setting up. If the office is unattended please call the out of hours contact number on the office window, to receive further instructions.

If you have not already completed your the COVID check in process,  we will ask you to do so upon arrival.

Upon arrival we will also provide you with a campers car pass, an access code to the toilets, and a map to your camping site

Check In / Check Out Times

Check in time is strictly after 1 pm. The office does not open for arrivals until 1 pm.
Upon check in we will provide you with a map of the sites, the toilet access code and your campers car pass

Your  campers car pass will grant you free entry to the reserve over the weekend when the ticket box is open, it also  informs all our staff that you are paid up , (this will stop our team from waking you up really early in the morning with a bunch of silly questions!) please ensure that your car pass is clearly displayed on your dash

Check out time is 11.30 am.

COVID-19 like symptoms at check in: In order to  keep all our campers and staff  as safe as possible, we reserve the right to deny entry to anyone displaying COVID-19 like symptoms.

Symptoms as listed on health.gov.au: Fever, coughing, sore throat, shortness of breath. Other symptoms can include runny nose, headache, muscle or joint pains, nausea, diarrhoea, vomiting, loss of sense of smell, altered sense of taste, loss of appetite and fatigue.

Whilst camping.

Campsite spacing: To assist with social distancing there must be a minimum of 1.5 meters between your setup and the next setup.

Face masks. Face masks are required to be carried at all times and used when social distancing is not possible

Safe hygiene practices: please wash your hands regularly, cover your mouth whilst coughing and avoid touching your face. Hand sanitisers  are available  outside each of the park amenity blocks

COVID-19 like symptoms during stay: If you start displaying COVID-19 like symptoms during your stay [Fever, coughing, sore throat, shortness of breath], please self-isolate in your accommodation and notify the manager on 0408536143 prior to attending the nearest medical facility with COVID-19 testing and then follow their instructions.

Social distancing: Please observe all social distancing requirements issued by authorities, which are displayed in the amenities buildings. These include 1.5m separation from others, limiting 1 person per 4 square metres (excluding your household). Avoid close contact with anyone who is coughing, sneezing and feverish. There will be group size restrictions in place, as advised by the DHHS. It is expected that group numbers and social distancing measures may change between when you make the booking and arrive to camp, therefore we request that all customers keep up to date with the current restrictions as found  here on the DHHS website

Shared amenities: Camp Kitchens are open, however there is no indoor setaing available  Laundries are closed.

The rangers reserve the right to close any facility where social distancing is not occuring.

Cleaning. We have increased the frequency and rigour of our amenity cleaning schedule.

Camper amenity and public toilets will be cleaned twice daily. We will post the times that we will aim to be there  on each amenity block.

Please respect our staff and our efforts by ensuring that you have left the facility before the scheduled cleaning time. We also ask for your understanding should we need to close and clean a block outside of the prescribed times. Sometimes issues arise that require our immediate attention which then pushes the schedule out.


Campfires are  prohibited within the reserve at all times. Please report any campfires to 0408536143 immediately.


There is a noise curfew of 9.30 pm, please be considerate of your fellow campers. Drunken, noisy, antisocial behaviour WILL NOT be tolerated. Campers found to be disturbing the peace will be told to leave the park.

The site you have booked will be the site you must camp on, as we book out for most weekends over the Spring, Summer and Autumn periods we will not be able to swap you to a different site.

Night Ranger

There will be a night ranger on duty, their phone number will be on the bottom of your campers car pass, please report any issues / antisocial behaviour immediately to this number.

Toilets and showers
The reserve has toilet and shower facilities available for use by campers.

Sites 1 to 56 also have access to a small camp kitchen which contains an electric stove, Fridge, sink and kettle, cooking equipment is required to be supplied by each camping group.
Sites 101 to 246 have access to a larger camp kitchen, again with an electric stove, Fridge, sink and kettle, cooking equipment is required to be supplied by each camping group. This camp kitchen also have several picnic tables inside to enable campers to get in out of the wet when eating if required.
Campers in the 300s are welcome to use the above camp kitchen, however the walk is up to 200 meters to reach this facility.

Washing machines. Over summer, laundries are available to service all areas of the campsites. No laundry facilities are available from the End of January through until the middle of December. The nearest laundromat is in Balnarring.

There are SHARED taps throughout the park. This is town water and is safe to drink. Individual taps for sites are not available

Chosen site and Rebooking.

Please note, whilst we endeavor to keep everyone on the site that they choose when booking, we reserve the right to move bookings to alternate sites if required. We are only able to guarantee rebooking of sites over the ballot periods. Bookings outside of these ballot periods are filled on a first come first served basis. Rebooking for all times of the year must be paid in full at time of rebooking.


Campfires are now prohibited within the reserve at all times. Please report any campfires to 0408536143 immediately.

Point Leo has over 168 camping sites, of which only 45 are powered.  The majority of our campsites are open year round, including sites 1 to 11 on the waters edge, powered sites 12 to 56 and all the non powered sites 101 to 249 in the eastern section up towards the surfing areas.

Bookings can now be made online for any night outside of the Summer and Easter school holiday periods, and the Melbourne Cup and March public holiday long weekends

Please use a desktop computer if you would like the option to select your site from a camp site map.

To see a step by step instruction on how to book a campsite or how to make a booking for more than one family please see the instructions at the bottom of this page

Please note:

A maximum of  six people ( maximum 4 adults) can be booked onto one site at any time, however not every site will accommodate 6 people. If we receive a booking for 6 people on a site which we consider unsuitable for your group we reserve the right to  move your group to a more suitable area

The maximum size caravan / camper that we can accommodate if 28 ft, the only sites that will accommodate setups this long are

Powered 12-15, 37,46 – 49

Non powered 8-11, 128 to 136, 228-249.

If you book a site that is too small for your set up we are unable to guarantee you  a site

We will make every attempt to to ensure that the site you choose is the site you get to camp on, however sometimes due to circumstances outside our control we need to change the site that you are booked onto. If this happens we will make every attempt in the time remaining to notify you of the change before you arrive.

To book multiple sites for multiple families please see the instructions at the bottom of this page

Sites 1 to 249 are available to be booked  year round.  Sites 301 to 405 are only available to be booked from the September School holiday period to the end of the Easter School holiday period excluding the peak periods of Christmas school holidays, Easter public Holidays and the March Long Weekend.

Bookings can not be made using the online function for the peak periods of Melbourne Cup,  Christmas school holiday, March Long Weekend or Easter school holiday periods.

To book for the above mentioned peak periods please follow the instructions in this link

Check In / Check Out times

Upon arrival please call into the office before setting up. If the office is unattended please call the out of hours contact number on the office window.

Unless prior arrangements have been made in writing with the manager, Campers are requested to observe the following check in and check out times.

Maximum nights allowed / available to be booked are 17. Bookings for more than 17 nights made using the online system will not be honoured.

If you think you may be arriving later that the times below please contact the office .

Check in : Daylight savings: 1pm to 8.30 pm

                   Outside daylight savings: 1pm to 6.30 pm

Check out : Year Round : 11 am

Bookings  made online after 6 pm for same day arrival will not be honoured. After 6 pm  the earliest you can book for is the following day.


Campfires are now prohibited within the reserve at all times. Please report any campfires to 0408536143 immediately.

Schoolies / Birthdays

Schoolies camps will not be permitted within the reserve. Bookings for 25/11 to 18/12 for groups of 3 or more  young adults to 21 years old must email the manager separately before booking.  All participants under 18 years must have a parent or legal guardian present at all times. Online booking that are made that are for schoolie groups may not be honoured and may not be permitted to set up and camp.

Birthday groups must discuss plans with park staff before making a booking. Failure to do so may result in the booking being cancelled.


Dogs are never permitted, at any time of the year, or day, within the campgrounds at Point Leo



Cancellations of camp sites received more than 14 days prior to booking arrival time will receive a full refund.

Cancellations of camp sites received between 14 and 1  days prior to booking arrival will be offered a transfer of the cancelled booking to another time within 6 months of the original booking period.

Cancellations that are received within 24 hours of  booking arrival – No refund will be offered and a $50 booking fee will be charged to any booking that is not already paid in full.

Campers with regular yearly bookings requiring a season camp site cancellation must email the request 2 weeks prior to the booking arrival.

Campers with a site over any of the ballot periods who are unable to use the site and give less than 24 hours notice  forfeit all fees paid and the camper must go back into the ballot the following year. Exception may be made to this in extenuating circumstances.

How to book multiple sites for multiple families

Bookings of up to ten families at a time can be made online. For bookings for more than ten families please email us in the office and we will allocate the best available spots for your group.

Please note that we request all bookings for more than three families to be in the non powered sections East and West. Point Leo Foreshore staff reserve the right to move bookings of three or more families into these non powered sections if required.

School groups must be booked directly through discussion with a ranger. Please email your request, including dates, number of participants and staff, year level to info@pointleo.com Certain areas are put asside for school groups.