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The reserve is now closed.

The reserve is now closed to any groups wishing to congregate on our beaches, playgrounds, park lands or anywhere within the reserve.

Due to the evolving COVID 19 issue we have begun a series of staged closures throughout public spaces. At this stage the toilets, playgrounds and BBQs are closed.

We have concerns that people are not adhering to social distancing recommendations.

The only reason you should be visiting the reserve is if you are visiting to exercise, ie, walk, surf, run.

Please exercise then immediately go home, do not linger in carparks or on the beach for a chat with friends, this is not appropriate during these times.

Failure by the general public to do so will result in further restrictions being placed throughout the reserve.

Ultimately this may result in the reserve being closed completely.

The police are regularly patrolling the park, fines of up to $1600 may apply if people are found to be in breach of current restrictions.

Camping has now closed

Dear Campers, it is with considerable regret that we now find ourselves in a position where we must close all our campgrounds from Monday the 23rd  of March to protect the health and safety of visitors and staff.

We have tried over the past weeks to hold off closing until after the Easter Holiday, however we now believe that it is the safest and most socially responsible thing to do.

We will be issuing full refunds for any bookings affected by this decision.

I would like to express my sincerest apologies for the impact that this will have, I know many of  our campers personally and appreciate that camping at Leo is a chance for some rest and respite from the craziness that happens back in your everyday lives. Please understand that this decision has not been made lightly and deliberations have been ongoing for more than two  weeks now. We have tried to implement different strategies to counter the risk however these have proved ineffective and we as a committee now feel that this is the right action to take to play our part in the protection of not only each of you, but our staff and the broader communities that we all live in.

The reserve is now closed for new bookings until after the 18th of September. We hope to be able to open earlier, watch this this space.

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

The health and safety of our guests and staff will be our primary focus for the duration of this epidemic. In response to COVID-19, in addition to our usual cleaning and maintenance procedures we have increased the frequency of cleaning  and have begun using bleach as the primary cleaning agent throughout the communal areas.

This may mean that some facilities are closed for longer and more often than normal.

We are actively monitoring novel coronavirus (COVID-19) updates from the Australian Government Department of Health and will respond based on the advice provided. For the most up to date Government information, please visit

For the health and safety of all our visitors and staff we are requesting the following

  • If you are unwell with symptoms any of the symptoms associated with COVID 19 such as , temperature or difficulty breathing, or if you have been in contact with any known cases of COVID 19 in  the past 14 days, or if you have arrived home from overseas within the past 14 days, we request that you refrain from visiting the reserve.
  • If you become unwell with any symptoms associated with COVID 19 during your stay, or within one week after your stay,  please follow the Australian Government advice and  we request you notify staff immediately on 0408536143.
  • Where possible, any monies to be paid are made by tap and go using the eftpos machine.

As of 19th of March, we have been advised that current legal advice is that the presence of more than 500 people in a caravan park for the normal operation of accommodation services will not be a “mass gathering” within the meaning of the Direction published by the Victorian Chief Health Officer on the 16th March,  under section 200 of the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008. This applies regardless of whether the park is occupied by residents, site tenants, annuals or tourists or a combination of them.

At this stage it is our intention to remain open for as long as it is feasible and we have the ability to do so.

If you are requesting to cancel your booking, we will cancel sites and issue refunds (or credits if requested)  if

  • The Government advises us that we should close.
  • If you give us more than 24 hours notice
  • If you are unwell with symptoms that are listed to be of concern in relation to the current coronavirus epidemic.
  • If the government notifies us that we should cancel we will issue refunds for any unused portion of a booking regardless of the notification period.

All requests for refunds must be made by email to and come from the person whose name the booking is in, please include, your best contact number and your bsb and account that you would like the refund to be paid into.

Should you have any questions regarding your stay, please email us at and we will contact you when we are next in the office.

Last Minute EASTER Long Weekend bookings

Lat minute Easter cancellations are now available to be booked using our online booking page found here.

Booking are for a minimum of three nights over the Easter Weekend.

A maximum of 6 people of which there may be a maximum of 4 adults per site.

We update the online bookings page as soon as we receive a cancellation.

If the online page is not showing any availability then all the sites have been booked.

These sites CAN NOT be rebooked for next year.

Bookings will not be taken over the phone or by email request

Booked Out!

We are now booked out for every site on each weekend through until after the March Long Weekend 2020, the weekends after the March Long Weekend are filling fast.

If you are trying to book online and the map is not working or showing any sites that you can book, this will be because we are booked out.

All cancellations for non ballot periods will be made available immediately on our online booking system found here, and all cancellations for ballot periods  will be posted to our home page.
We appreciate your interest in our reserve and hope that we can accommodate you at another time.

Out There Sailing Youth Program click here

Tackers – Learn to Sail click here

Camping Information
Point Leo has over 168 camping sites, of which only 45 are powered.  The majority of our campsites are open year round, including sites 1 to 11 on the water’s edge, powered sites 12 to 56 and all the non powered sites 101 to 249 in the eastern section up towards the surfing areas.

We request all our bookings be made using our online bookings page here



Campfires are now prohibited within the reserve at all times. Please report any campfires to 0408536143 immediately.

Winter Camping at Point Leo

Sites 1 to 249 are open all through winter for camping.

This now includes camping in seasonal campsites East

To make a booking please follow this link. We request all bookings to be made using this online system
For the opportunity to be able to select your camp-site from a map, please book from a desktop/laptop computer.
On our website, you are able to
  • Check availability of areas and sites
  • Select a site and make a booking.
  • Book multiple sites under the one booking
  • Find a current fee schedule
  • Read when you can, and can not have fires, as well as all the other relevant park regulations.
If you have any further inquiries after you have made your booking please feel free to email us at

Upon arrival please call into the office before setting up. If the office is unattended please call the out of hours contact number on the office window.

Arrival times:

We request that campers make every effort to arrive between 1 PM and before 8 pm From November to March, and before 6.30 pm from April to November. The Foreshore has a strict policy that no one is to be setting up after dark. If you think that you will be later than these times please call us on the day of arrival to discuss a later check in.


Arriving without a booking?

Bookings are required for campsites Friday to Sunday. If you arrive without a booking on a weekend we may not be able to accommodate you.

Bookings are recommended Sunday to Thursday. If you arrive without a booking and the office is closed please call the number on the office window.  If you arrive after the office is closed at 4 pm you will not be able to choose your own campsite. We have 6 sites put aside for mid week campers that arrive after the office is closed, you will be allocated one of these.

Please… Help us protect our Nesting Shorebirds

It’s Spring! (well at least the calendar and the shorebirds think so) and that means that our red capped plovers are beginning to nest again. For those of you who haven’t heard of these beaut little birds, they are the  small little white and grey birds found mostly on the sand between the surf life saving club and Shoreham. Their nests are super hard to see and their eggs are superbly camouflaged to blend in with the sand. Locally they are vulnerable (at risk of becoming endangered).  We try to fence off the nests when we find them but there is a couple of simple things that you can do to help us look after these birds.

  • Always keep your dogs on a lead
  • During the nesting season keep to the hard packed sand when on the beach

More information can be found in this great article on the Shoreham community website, including details of a volunteer training day if you would like to participate in the monitoring and care of these birds on our beaches.


Point Leo Foreshore is excited to announce in partnership with Wild Melbourne that plans for our environmental signs and displays are well underway. We are working towards a series of outdoor signs and indoor displays in our new office. Plus we are working on a touch table, a wet touch tank, and a large public mural. The Committee of Management would like to thank Wild Melbourne for all the incredible work they are putting into this project. For more information on Wild Melbourne and to see some of the great work they are doing, please visit their website