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Reopening for camping date.
Our campgrounds are currently closed.
The new date that we hope to reopen for camping is the 6th of November, we hope to make bookings for the 6th of November onward, available to be booked using our online system after October the 19th. This will depend on what advice the government provides at the time.
The safety of our staff and customers is our highest priority.
We are working hard to ensure that when we are able to reopen we do it in a safe and socially responsible manner.
When we are able to reopen we will be running the camp at 75% capacity
Campers will be required to wear a mask at all times when in the campgrounds, on the beach and using the amenities, with the common sense exceptions being showering, swimming, eating.
The camp kitchens will be closed.
There will be restrictions on the number of people allowed to use a facility at any given time.
Campers will be asked to declare in the week before arrival that they are symptom free and have not been in contact with any known COVID cases in the past 14 days.
There will be group size restriction in place, so if you camp with multiple families please begin to consider how you will manage this if you all normally gather for meals, drinks etc.
Bookings for a site will be restricted to
Only members of the public who have the same principal place of residence; or only members of the public who are in an intimate personal relationship; or a group consisting of members of the public who have the same principal place of residence, or are in an intimate personal relationship; and if a household bubble is involved, no more than 5 other members of the household bubble are included. (wow that’s a mouth full)
We look forward to seeing everyone then.



The Point Leo Foreshore is currently managed by a volunteer Committee of Management.
We are entirely self funded, we receive NO financial assistance from local state or federal government.
100% of the funds generated within the Foreshore are spent with the foreshore.
This week the Department Of Environment, Land , Water and Planning (DELWP) have released their proposal (Future Foreshores Project) for the amalgamation of Point Leo with surrounding foreshores. As they will not be conducting public consultation themselves, they have asked us to provide to our community and customers an update on this Project.

How the Project is implemented will have a significant and possibly negative impact on how the Foreshore Reserve at Pt Leo is managed and financed into the future. 

We have been asked by DEWLP to share with you details of the Project, to assist you in understanding its implications and to ask you to provide your own feedback to DWELP on the 3 options it has proposed for the future management of coastal reserves along  the Westernport coastline between Hastings and Shoreham and for Pt Leo in particular.

Unfortunately DELWP have only provided a short period for the public to respond with such feedback (until 5 July 2020). 

After reading the information below, If you felt strongly enough about this issue,  there is a link at the bottom to provide feedback  via a DELWP devised survey

In order for you to understand the Project and its proposed Options, DELWP expect you to read a high volume of material, and view lengthy online videos. This is onerous, but to assist you we set our comments below.

To read the full proposal please follow the following links.

Improving management arrangements of Coastal Crown land and DELWPs FAQ

The Options Paper.  

The Options Paper has been developed by Grosvenor Consulting Group for DELWP. It essentially uses a scale to grade 3 possible options: 

Option 1: retain existing Committee of Management (COM) structure over each of the                     coastal reserves. COMs are drawn from local communities and are usually                     resident at or near the relevant reserve. Such positions are voluntary.

Option 2:  (a)merge the Somers, Balnarring and Merricks reserves under one COM and

                 (b) merge Pt Leo and Shoreham under one COM

Option 3: merge each of Somers, Balnarring, Merricks , Pt Leo and Shoreham under                     one COM

The Options Paper applies a series of “desirable outcomes” as detailed in the Outlook Framework (page 7) to each option as a means to assess their respective merit. Objectively each “outcome” is desirable. The question is whether the implementation and funding of the relevant option will in fact deliver the desired outcome. In our view, the assumption that any particular Option will result in the desired Outcome is not supported by any evidence provided by Grosvenor or DELWP in the documentation. Wishful thinking is not a sound basis for change.

In addition, the Options Paper sets out a Change Continuum Graph (page 9). Unfortunately while the concept of plotting management outcomes can be helpful in assessing options, this graph does not set out any measurable scale and risks being misleading. 

At the core of Option 2 and 3 is the appointment of “professional” (paid) COMs but does not detail the cost of this overhead. Nor does the paper commit to external funding of those positions or for cost of the centralisation of administration across all Foreshore reserves.  

Option 2 is potentially workable as both Shoreham and Pt Leo are co-located, and already undertake co-operative activities across both foreshore areas. It also has the advantage that each have sustainable and adequate self generated funding sources.

Option 3 in particular risks the leakage of Pt Leo sourced revenues (camping and parking fees) to subsidise other Reserves which have no significant revenue generation capacity. In addition, a centralised mega COM risks losing the localised representation and participation that our current system tries to promote at present. 

Please follow this link to view DELWPs Comparative analysis of Options and our comments and concerns on both the application of the rating scale and on the Current State Report which purports to support allocation of grading.

The analysis is not, in our view,  sufficiently supported by hard evidence. Conclusions merely asserted without evidence, are of no probative or predictive value. And without any budget detail with funding it is difficult to assess whether any option would deliver the proposed outcomes. For this reason the absence of evidence supporting the outcome conclusions, budget and funding details, Pt Leo COM is not able to recommend either Option 2 or 3. 

We say this because:

  1. No costings have been done or presented of any option.
  2. No cost benefit analysis has been done or presented.
  3.  No additional money is being offered for operating budgets on any option.
  4. The additional cost of paid directors will be an additional cost paid out of the current revenue and reduce operating budgets.
  5. No additional revenue streams have been suggested anywhere.
  6. No assessment of the impact of any option on the environment has been done. Itis not an assessment criterion in the Comparative Analysis.
  7. No assessment of the loss of volunteerism of any option has been done.
  8. No management structure of any option has been presented.
  9. There has been no adequate public consultation  by DELWP
  10. No assessment of how combining Somers, Balnarring and Merrick’s could be financially feasible has been done or presented.
  11.  No assessment of the different sizes, natural environments or needs of the 5  foreshores for example in terms of staff, equipment, botanical knowledge relating to operational needs has been provided.

Please read the material carefully,  and if you have any questions please direct them to Tony Walkington our  Foreshore Manager by email at 

Once you have done so please go online prior to July 5 and register your feedback in the Survey found here.


Reopening for camping date.

Our campgrounds are currently closed.

We are hoping to re-open for camping on October the 22nd
The safety of our staff and customers is our highest priority.
We are working hard to ensure that when we are able to reopen we do it in a safe and socially responsible manner.
We look forward to seeing everyone then.



Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

The health and safety of our guests and staff will be our primary focus for the duration of this epidemic. In response to COVID-19, in addition to our usual cleaning and maintenance procedures we have increased the frequency of cleaning  and have begun using bleach as the primary cleaning agent throughout the communal areas.

This may mean that some facilities are closed for longer and more often than normal.

We are actively monitoring novel coronavirus (COVID-19) updates from the Australian Government Department of Health and will respond based on the advice provided. For the most up to date Government information, please visit

For the health and safety of all our visitors and staff we are requesting the following

  • If you are unwell with symptoms any of the symptoms associated with COVID 19 such as , temperature or difficulty breathing, or if you have been in contact with any known cases of COVID 19 in  the past 14 days, or if you have arrived home from overseas within the past 14 days, we request that you refrain from visiting the reserve.
  • If you become unwell with any symptoms associated with COVID 19 during your stay, or within one week after your stay,  please follow the Australian Government advice and  we request you notify staff immediately on 0408536143.
  • Where possible, any monies to be paid are made by tap and go using the eftpos machine.


Should you have any questions regarding your stay, please email us at and we will contact you when we are next in the office.

Point Leo has over 168 camping sites, of which only 45 are powered.  The majority of our campsites are open year round, including sites 1 to 11 on the water’s edge, powered sites 12 to 56 and all the non powered sites 101 to 249 in the eastern section up towards the surfing areas.

We request all our bookings be made using our online bookings page here



Campfires are now prohibited within the reserve at all times. Please report any campfires to 0408536143 immediately.

Winter Camping at Point Leo

Sites 1 to 249 are open all through winter for camping.

This now includes camping in seasonal campsites East

To make a booking please follow this link. We request all bookings to be made using this online system
For the opportunity to be able to select your camp-site from a map, please book from a desktop/laptop computer.
On our website, you are able to
  • Check availability of areas and sites
  • Select a site and make a booking.
  • Book multiple sites under the one booking
  • Find a current fee schedule
  • Read when you can, and can not have fires, as well as all the other relevant park regulations.
If you have any further inquiries after you have made your booking please feel free to email us at

Upon arrival please call into the office before setting up. If the office is unattended please call the out of hours contact number on the office window.

Arrival times:

We request that campers make every effort to arrive between 1 PM and before 8 pm From November to March, and before 6.30 pm from April to November. The Foreshore has a strict policy that no one is to be setting up after dark. If you think that you will be later than these times please call us on the day of arrival to discuss a later check in.


Arriving without a booking?

Bookings are required for campsites Friday to Sunday. If you arrive without a booking on a weekend we may not be able to accommodate you.

Bookings are recommended Sunday to Thursday. If you arrive without a booking and the office is closed please call the number on the office window.  If you arrive after the office is closed at 4 pm you will not be able to choose your own campsite. We have 6 sites put aside for mid week campers that arrive after the office is closed, you will be allocated one of these.

Please… Help us protect our Nesting Shorebirds

It’s Spring! (well at least the calendar and the shorebirds think so) and that means that our red capped plovers are beginning to nest again. For those of you who haven’t heard of these beaut little birds, they are the  small little white and grey birds found mostly on the sand between the surf life saving club and Shoreham. Their nests are super hard to see and their eggs are superbly camouflaged to blend in with the sand. Locally they are vulnerable (at risk of becoming endangered).  We try to fence off the nests when we find them but there is a couple of simple things that you can do to help us look after these birds.

  • Always keep your dogs on a lead
  • During the nesting season keep to the hard packed sand when on the beach

More information can be found in this great article on the Shoreham community website, including details of a volunteer training day if you would like to participate in the monitoring and care of these birds on our beaches.


Point Leo Foreshore is excited to announce in partnership with Wild Melbourne that plans for our environmental signs and displays are well underway. We are working towards a series of outdoor signs and indoor displays in our new office. Plus we are working on a touch table, a wet touch tank, and a large public mural. The Committee of Management would like to thank Wild Melbourne for all the incredible work they are putting into this project. For more information on Wild Melbourne and to see some of the great work they are doing, please visit their website