What is the Point Leo Foreshore Reserve
The Point Leo Foreshore Reserve is a self funded, public reserve that is managed by a volunteer Committee of Management. The committee employ three permanent staff to care for the nearly 100 hectares of land.  Our reserve encompasses coast, dune, woodland, forest, wetland and creek ecosystems. 
How are we funded?
We are entirely self funded. We receive no financial assistance from local, state or federal government.  Everyting in the park is paid for by the money we collect for parking, and from campsite fees.
Where does the money go?
100% of the money we collect from parking and campsite fees goes towards the park. It pays for all the rubbish to be removed, all the toilets and bbq`s to be cleaned every day, for more than $6000 worth of toilet paper every year, for machinery and vehicles, for playgrounds and walking tracks, for wages and  new facilities for the public, as well as many, many other costs.
What are our aims?
The vision for the Point Leo Foreshore Reserve is to provide a unique, non- commercial, safe, family environment while protecting, preserving and enhancing the parks environmental values and balancing the needs of a diverse range of activities.
As land managers we aim to balance the needs and demands that are placed upon the park. As these needs and demands change with the seasons, so do our job lists and management strategies.
Why do I have do pay a Parking fee ?
Point Leo Foreshore is part of Crown Land, it is not part of Parks Victoria and does not receive any funding. Parking income is vital in helping us maintain the reserve.
Do local residents have to pay?
With the exception of  the local residents that live on Western Parade which is accessed through the park, everyone is required to pay a parking fee if  gate staff are present.
When do we charge?
 We charge for parking on the weekends and public holidays  from the Grand Final Weekend all the way though to the end of the Easter School Holidays, plus everyday during the summer school holiday period.
Are dogs allowed in the Reserve?
Dogs are Never allowed in the camping areas, Not even in cars

From December 1 to February 28,  Dogs are not allowed on the beach, or in the reserve from 10 am to 6 pm.

Outside of these hours dogs are allowed as long as they are always on a lead.

There are not any  leash free areas at Point Leo.

Outside of December 1 to February 28, dogs are allowed in the reserve or on the beach at any time as long as they are always on a lead.

Dogs are not permitted in the wetlands or on the boardwalks at anytime.

For more information on where to exercise your dog click here to view the Mornington Peninsula Shires website.

How do I make a camping booking?
To read how and when to book a campsite, please click here
Who is on the Foreshore Committee of Management and what do they do?
The Committee of Management is made up of nine volunteers who kindly donate their time to help manage, support and give the foreshore direction. The Foreshore Committee meet on the last Wednesday of every month.  All business regarding the Foreshore should be addressed to Tony Walkington, the Foreshore Manager. Tony can be reached at info@pointleo.com or at po box 435 Balnarring Victoria. 3926
How do I voice a concern, raise an issue with the Committee of Management
All concerns / issues must be addressed in writing or via email to the Point Leo Foreshore Committee of Management, po box 435, Balnarring, Vic, 3926, or info@pointleo.com.
All concerns received shall be addressed at the next Committee meeting and a response can be expected after the meeting. All Correspondence for inclusion into the next meeting must be received one week prior to the next meeting. As the committee meetings are a public forum unless confidentially is expressed all correspondence will be recorded for public viewing.