Camping Application for Melbourne Cup long weekend

Melbourne Cup long weekend camping application.

Available camp sites are allocated by ballot. The Ballot will close in the last week of August. The ballot can take up to three weeks to complete. We aim to ensure that a minimum of at least 10 % of our camp sites are available to new campers every year. Once you get a camp site in the ballot you may have the opportunity to rebook that same site for the following years for the same week of the summer school holiday period.

Available camp sites are allocated by ballot. Entries drawn  will be allocated a site that will fit their needs from information that they provide in the ballot application  form.

Please fill in the form below. Applications close in the last week of August. . The ballot takes three weeks to complete. If your name is drawn out in the ballot, we will call the contact number that you have supplied us with, otherwise, all unsuccessful entries can expect an email response after the 7th of September

A maximum of six people including children per site, of which there may be a maximum of four adults. 

Please ensure that only one request per family is entered, multiple requests will result in ALL entries from that family being disregarded.

Whilst group bookings are possible they will only be allocated if there are conjoining sites available if and when your name is drawn in the ballot, unfortunately this is rarely the case and therefore group bookings are rarely available.


Please fill in the follow form.


Powered or Non Powered site

Tent or Caravan ]
Approximate size in meters
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Number of sites required
Number of adults

Number of children

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