General Camping Information

Camping Information

Point Leo has over 168 camping sites, of which only 45 are powered. All sites are open during summer for camping. During winter camping is contained to the powered sites and the east creek foreshore area.

Bookings for the peak periods of the Summer School Holidays, Easter 4 day period (Good Friday to Easter Monday) and the Melbourne cup and March Long Weekend holiday periods are required, outside of these peak periods, bookings are recommended.  For campers that arrive without a booking, we  maintain a first in, best dressed policy for available sites, we cannot guarantee a particular area. You are welcome to email us  a couple of days before you come down to check on availability of areas.

(Bookings for the rest of the Easter School Holidays can be made using our on line bookings page)

When you arrive please come to the office to check in. If the office is unattended there is a mobile number on the office door. You will need to check in with a Ranger before you set up camp.

The Ranger can be contacted by email ,or on the weekends in the office on 5989 8333 . Fires are strictly prohibited during daylight savings, but for the rest of the year are allowed at the rangers consent in approved fire containers. Camping is strictly prohibited at all times in the playground reserves and in cars.

How to book for NON Peak Periods

To make a booking for a Friday, Saturday or Sunday night please follow this link


Campfires are now prohibited within the reserve at all times. Please report any campfires to 0408536143 immediately.

Camp site fees

Camp site fees include 2 adults and 2 children

  • Each extra adult will be charged at $10 per person per night
  • Each extra child will be charged at $5 per person per night

The maximum number of people on any one site MUST NOT EXCEED 6 people

Peak Season

Melbourne Cup long weekend, December the 1st to the end of the March long weekend, Easter school holidays

Powered site                 $350 per week/ $50 over night
Non powered  Site      $280 per week/ $40 over night
Extra adults                  $10 per night
Extra Children             $5 per night

Shoulder Season
After the Melbourne Cup long weekend to the 1st of December– End of March long weekend to End of Easter school holidays, excluding Easter school holidays.
Powered site               $280 per week/ $40 over night
Non powered site     $245 per week/ $35 over night
Extra adults                $10 per night
Extra Children           $5 per night

Off Peak Season
All other times
Powered site               $245  per week/ $35 over night
Non powered site     $210 per week/ $30 over night
Extra adults                $10 per night
Extra Children           $5 per night

When booking camp sites, a definite period of occupancy must be made.

Camping with dogs

Dogs are never permitted in the campgrounds at Point Leo.

How and when To Book for peak periods

Bookings for Melbourne Cup, Christmas (including summer school holidays), March Long Weekend and Easter open approximatley one month after the holiday period finishes, for example the Melbourne cup applications reopen for the following year at the start of december, one month after the Melbourne Cup holiday.  Available sites for each of these peak periods are allocated by ballot. Children on these sites must have a parent or guardian (over the age of 18) on site at all times. Entry to the ballot can only be made through an online application. To apply for a site during one of the above peak periods please click on the corresponding link below
MELBOURNE CUP WEEKENDClick Here. The ballot for new campers for this period close in the last week of August.
CHRISTMASClick here. The ballot for new campers for this period close on September the 28th.
MARCH LONG WEEKEND – Click here -The ballot for new campers for this period close in the third week of January
EASTER – Click here -The ballot for new campers for this period close on February the 14th.

Easter school holidays outside of the Easter public holiday period.

Point Leo Foreshore are please to offer a special deal for sites 101 to 405 for the Easter school holiday period outside of the Easter four day public holiday period for 2016 please click here for details on these specials


 Those who camp with us over the Christmas, Easter, Melbourne Cup or March Long weekend periods are invited to apply for the same site for the corresponding time for the following year. Applications MUST be made before departure, sites that are not re-booked will not be guaranteed.

Group Bookings

We have limited areas that are available to be booked out by groups of more than 24 people. These group bookings are expected to have a minimum of 4 people per site and are available to school, scout or other such groups. These bookings may be charged at $10 per person per night and will give the group larger area to use as they wish, not necessarily be restricted to existing site spaces. A group booking does note guarantee you sole use of an area.

Check In / Check Out Times

Check in time is strictly after 1 pm.  and before 8pm (from November to March), and before 6.30 pm (from April to November). The foreshore has a strict policy that no one is to be setting up after dark. The office does not open for arrivals until 1 pm.

Check out time is 11.00 am.

Upon Arrival

When you arrive please come to the office to check in. If the office is unattended there is a mobile number on the office door. You will need to check in with a Ranger before you set up camp.

Campsite Rules

The following information is given to campers in the Reserve Area for their own benefit and in the endeavour to make camping more pleasant for all:

  • All campers must check with the Ranger before setting up camp or occupying sites. A LIMIT OF ONE CAR ONLY PER SITE IS PERMITTED on site .  Campers are requested to ensure that they keep their cars on their own site, please refrain from parking on adjacent sites even for short periods of time. Extra cars must be parked outside the camping areas. Visitors cars must remain outside the camping areas. Campers must declare their parking needs to the Ranger when booking in.
  • We request that campers make every effort to arrive before 8pm From November to March, and before 6.30 pm from April to November. The foreshore has a strict policy that no one is to be setting up after dark.
  • GARBAGE: All rubbish must be wrapped in bags and placed in the receptacles provided.
  • DOGS: will not be allowed in the camping areas. Dog restrictions apply for the entire park, please ensure that you are familiar with the dog regulations before you visit
  • BIKES: Bikes are permitted to be ridden in the powered sites between the hours of 8.30am and 6pm, for the safety and enjoyment of all campers please refrain from riding bikes in the powered section outside these hours. Helmets must be worn at all times.
  • TREES and SHRUBS: must not be removed or damaged under any circumstances. This represents a breach of the Foreshore Regulations and will be strictly dealt with.
  • Young children are to be accompanied by an adult to amenities block at all times.
  • LITTER: Campers are requested to refrain from the careless disposal of wrappers, empty packets and other litter, and to help keep sites tidy at all times.
  • FENCING: It has been necessary to fence off areas for the protection of the foreshore and soil conservation. Access tracks provided to beach areas must be used at all times and no fencing removed, cut or otherwise interfered with.
  • The person whose name appears on the receipt is responsible for the conduct of all members of the party and visitors.
  • Noisy parties, offensive behavior, drunkenness, vandalism, will not be tolerated. Other Campers should not be able to hear your campsite from more than 20 meters away. Generators are prohibited at all time. We try to maintain a family friendly environment and discourage noise after 9pm.
  • Campers should book by email
  • When camping, children younger that 18 years must have a parent or guardian on site at all times.
  • All person not complying with the above regulations could incur a PENALTY OF LOSS OF CAMP SITE.
  • Sites must be vacated by 11am on the day of departure.

All bookings for peak periods must be paid for 30 days prior to arrival.

The Ranger has the right to ask any person to leave the park for any infringement of any of the above rules

Schoolies / 18th and 21st Birthdays / party groups

Schoolies / 18th / 21st  birthday / party group bookings will not be taken. Any bookings taken for these purposes using the online booking system may not be honoured. Any bookings made must have a parent or legal guardian present for any persons under the age of 18 years during the stay at all times. Any groups found to make a booking and then not be apparent or legal guardian present may be asked to leave.


Cancellations that are received more than 14 days prior to booking arrival – full refund offered

Cancellations that are received between 14 and 7  days prior to booking arrival – monies paid will be able to be transferred to another booking within 6 months of the original booking

Cancellations that are received within 7 days of  booking arrival – No refund will be offered and a $50 booking fee will be charged to any booking that is not already paid in full.

Regular yearly bookings that are cancelled within seven days will loose any deposit paid and not be eligible to rebook for the following year.

Regular yearly bookings that need to request  a season cancellation must email the request 4 weeks prior to the booking arrival.