ON-LINE Camp-site Bookings

Bookings can now be made online for any night outside of the Summer and Easter school holiday periods, and the Melbourne Cup and March public holiday long weekends

Sites 1 to 56 are available to be booked  year round

Sites 101 to 249 are open for camping from the start of the September school holidays through to the end of the Easter school holidays (occasionally we will keep these open if there is a need)

Please use a desktop computer if you would like the option to select your site from a camp site map.

 To make a booking on-line please CLICK HERE  

Please note:

A maximum of  six people ( maximum 4 adults) can be booked onto one site at any time, however not every site will accommodate 6 people. If we receive a booking for 6 people on a site which we consider unsuitable for your group we reserve the right to  move your group to a more suitable area

We will make every attempt to to ensure that the site you choose is the site you get to camp on, however sometimes due to circumstances outside our control we need to change the site that you are booked onto. If this happens we will make every attempt in the time remaining to notify you of the change before you arrive.

To book multiple sites for multiple families please see the instructions at the bottom of this page

Sites 1 to 56 are available to be booked  year round.  Sites 101 to 405 are only available to be booked from the September School holiday period to the end of the Easter School holiday period excluding the peak periods of Christmas school holidays, Easter public Holidays and the March Long Weekend.

Bookings can not be made using the online function for the peak periods of Melbourne Cup,  Christmas school holiday, March Long Weekend or Easter school holiday periods.

To book for the above mentioned peak periods please follow the instructions in this link 

Check In / Check Out times

Unless prior arrangements have been made in writing with the manager, Campers are requested to observe the following check in and check out times.

If you think you may be arriving later that the times below please contact the office .

Check in : Daylight savings: 1pm to 8.30 pm

                   Outside daylight savings: 1pm to 6.30 pm

Check out : Year Round : 11 am

Bookings  made online after 6 pm for same day arrival will not be honoured. After 6 pm  the earliest you can book for is the following day.

Schoolies / Birthdays
Schoolies camps will not be permitted within the reserve. Bookings for 25/11 to 18/12 for groups of 3 or more  young adults to 21 years old must email the manager separately before booking.  All participants under 18 years must have a parent or legal guardian present at all times. Online booking that are made that are for schoolie groups may not be honoured and may not be permitted to set up and camp.


Birthday groups must discuss plans with park staff before making a booking. Failure to do so may result in the booking being cancelled.


Dogs are never permitted, at any time of the year, or day, within the campgrounds at Point Leo


Campfires are currently only allowed outside of Daylight Savings.
Please see foreshore policy below.

Campfires will not be allowed when

Regardless of actual on the ground conditions Campfires will not be allowed when:

  1. There is a current strong wind warning in effect at 4pm  for either the Central region or Western Port Bay. If a warning is in effect at 4 pm fires will not be allowed until at least 9 am the following day and only after review by park staff.

  2. When the wind is forecast to be stronger than 40 kms per hour at any time from 9 am through to 9 am the following day

  3. When the Mornington Peninsula Shire have current restrictions on burning off.

  4. When there is a total fire ban day in effect.

  5. When there are conditions which are of concern to any staff at Point Leo Foreshore.

Camp fire regulations and requirements.

  1. Fires are only allowed for campers, in the campgrounds, and at a certain time of the year.

  2. Fires on the beach or fires lit by day visitors are strictly prohibited

  3. Decisions made at 4 PM will be in effect until 9 AM the following day regardless of any change in weather condition existing on the ground.

  4. Fires are strictly prohibited during daylight savings time

  5. The fire must be in a drum with solid sides at least 30 cm high.

  6. The fire must be raised off the ground by at least 20 cm

  7. All wood, including kindling be brought in from outside of the reserve, no wood is to be scavenged from the reserve whatsoever.

  8. All ash is to be placed in the ash bins provided.

  9. Any group still with a fire going after 10pm and found to be excessively noisy resulting in complaints being registered with park staff will have their fire extinguished immediately.

  10. The ground and airspace within a distance of 3 meters from the outer perimeter and upper most point of the fire are clear of flammable material

  11. Never use flammable liquid or fuel such as petrol or diesel on a fire even when you are trying to get it started

  12. A bucket of water must be kept nearby to extinguish the fire if need be.

Please note. We no longer sell firewood

Campers found to be in breach of any of the above regulations may be issued with a warning and or fine. If campers are found to be in breach of any of the above regulations a second time they may have their fire container confiscated and future bookings refused

Upon arrival please call into the office before setting up. If the office is unattended please call the out of hours contact number on the office window.

Arrival times:

We request that campers make every effort to arrive between 1 PM and before 8 pm From November to March, and before 6.30 pm from April to November. The Foreshore has a strict policy that no one is to be setting up after dark. If you think that you will be later than these times please call us on the day of arrival to discuss a later check in.



Cancellations that are received more than 14 days prior to booking arrival – full refund offered

Cancellations that are received between 14 and 7  days prior to booking arrival – monies paid will be able to be transferred to another booking within 6 months of the original booking

Cancellations that are received within 7 days of  booking arrival – No refund will be offered and a $50 booking fee will be charged to any booking that is not already paid in full.


How to book multiple sites for multiple families

Bookings of up to two families at a time can be made online. For bookings for more than two families please email us in the office and we will allocate the best available spots for your group.

Please note that we request all bookings for more than two families to be in the non powered sections East and West. Point Leo Foreshore staff reserve the right to move bookings of three or more families into these non powered sections if required.

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