Dogs at Point Leo?

During Daylight Savings Dogs are not allowed on the beach, or in the reserve from 9 am to 7 pm.

Outside of these hours dogs are allowed as long as they are always on a lead.

There is no leash free areas at Point Leo at any time.

Outside of daylight savings hours dogs are allowed in the reserve or on the beach at any time as long as they are always on a lead.

Dogs are never allowed in the wetlands or on the boardwalks.

Congratulations to Tony Walkington

CONGRATULATIONS to Tony Walkington who has been appointed the Manager/Foreshore Ranger position.We wish Ray Gould all the best in his retirement. Ray was a member of the Foreshore Committee from 1976 and was appointed Ranger in 1988. We thank Ray for his contribution, care and hard work that has made Point Leo Foreshore what it is today.